I am a Historical Costume Enthusiast, Seamstress, Reader, and Disney Loving Mama!image

I first started sewing when I was 8 after begging my mother to teach me, but I never really got good at it until I turn 16 and started cosplaying.  I was 19 when I discovered the wonderful world of historical costuming and haven’t looked back!

My first years of study began at the University of Google. After some time I decided it was time for some classroom training and applied to Capilano University’s Costume Design for Stage and Screen program.

After graduation, armed with my diploma and a verity of new sewing skills, I ventured off into the world of historical sewing!

Since then, I have gotten married, had a beautiful baby girl, and started a youtube channel on the construction of historical costumes!

I hope you enjoy my sewing endeavours!