I am a Historical Costume Enthusiast, Seamstress, Reader, and Disney Loving Mama!image

I first began sewing when I was 8 after begging my mother to teach me, but my skill level didn’t progress until I turn 16 and started cosplaying.  I was 19 when I discovered the wonderful world of historical costuming and haven’t looked back!

My first years of study began at the University of Google. After experimenting on my own for a while, I decided it was time for some classroom training and in 2011 applied to the Costume Design for Stage and Screen program at Capilano University.

After graduation, armed with my diploma and a verity of new sewing skills, I ventured off into the world of historical sewing!

Since then, I have gotten married, birthed 2 beautiful girls, and started a youtube channel on my construction process of historical costumes!

I hope you enjoy my sewing endeavours!