Greetings 2018!

Hello Everyone!

Can you believe it is May already!  Time has been flying in my household. My eldest daughter turned 2 a few months ago and my second daughter is almost 7 months!

As you have probably guessed my sewing plans for the 18th century maternity outfit did not end up happening before my daughter arrived. I’ve not abandoned it completely though, I finished the maternity stays (more on that soon) and I am still planning on finishing the outfit once I complete my robe a la francaise.

My francaise is roughly 60% complete, but I have reached a point where I have to make a choice between a 1 piece sacque bodice or a 2 piece sacque bodice for the front of the gown.  From what I understand the 1 piece is more common in the earlier 1700s, but the 2 piece is easier to fit and so I’ve been going back and forth between the two and I have yet to make a decision… (I’ve decided on the 2 piece sacque)

Because I couldn’t decide, I started an everyday wardrobe piece (1940s swing pants) to keep my sewing momentum going, but that project also stalled when I got to the buttonholes and my machine decided that is didn’t like making nice buttonholes.  It was at that point that our early summer hit the west coast and I realized that I didn’t have nursing friendly summer clothes, so I started yet another project.

After a quick look through my patterns I decided to quickly whip together a mock-up of Butterick 6133.  Other than a few areas that need some minor tweaking the pattern practically fit right out of the package. I’ll be sharing more about that project once it is complete.


Until then, I wish you well!





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