Looking to the future

Hello Everyone!!

I am back… again.
I have been very quiet on all my social media accounts since the New Year for a couple of reasons, the main reason is because I am expecting baby #2, and morning sickness has not been kind.

Because of this surprise it does change my plans slightly for my Robe a la Francaise series. I am going to continue working on it but I will have to make a new set of stays first, because my current pair doesn’t fit my changing figure.

In light of this, I want to make a set of maternity stays(or jumps). And to go along with the project I want to do a mini(mini)-series on 18th century maternity wear!  I contacted Colonial Williamsburg and they were kind enough to send me an article on 18th century Motherhood.  It has not been very easy to find information on maternity outfits mostly because women made do with what they had.

To quote the article from above: “Few maternity gowns survive in museum collections. Colonial Williamsburg has only one. Women altered their usual clothing in an era when most could not afford large wardrobes or clothing designed specifically for pregnancy. Women’s styles were surprisingly adaptable to changes in size. Many gowns fastened at the front with hidden lacings that could be let out to accommodate the new figure. If the triangular stomacher no longer fit the front of the enlarged gown, the front could be filled in with a large neck handkerchief worn much like a shawl. Petticoats usually fastened at either side with ties, and thus could continue to be worn during pregnancy by loosening the ties. Women merely tied their petticoats up over their abdomens, hiking up the hems at the front as a result. Print sources suggest that no attempt was made to adjust hemlines to make the skirts hang evenly in front.

There are a few garments that I came across on Pinterest that I would love to recreate, but since I am already into my 2nd trimester will just have to pick 1.


Jacket in chintz, skirt in wool damask 1750-1780




Robe Battante 1730c. silk lampas.


My next video in the robe a la francaise series is the stockings and garters and will hopefully be up in the next 4-6 weeks.  Until then I hope you all have a lovely day!




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