Reshaping my Judy

A couple years ago I bought this display mannequin with the intention of turning it into a proper judy! After a few years of procrastination I decided 2017 was the year to do it!

wp-image-1577224628jpg.jpgThe shell of the mannequin is a hard plaster with a fabric overlay, so it is very sturdy!

I began with taking my current measurements and mapped out my body on the judy. Since this is a display the body type is not the most realistic the waist was quite a bit narrower and higher then mine.

wp-image-119395208jpg.jpgTo lengthen the judy I attached a foam board to the bottom and duct taped it securely. Then attached some poly batting to fill in the waist and bust, and add some length to the shoulders.


The next step was adding foam around the hips, waist, sides and back of the judy. I had a few mishaps with this step but I was able to remedy it with adding small pieces of leftover foam and poly batting!


Next I  attached a partial layer of batting to contain any loose bits of foam and for a general smoothing over.




I then added the final layer of batting for a smoothing layer before finishing with a cotton knit cover.


I fitted the cover by draping it over the judy and pinned into place.

Once it was fitting how I wanted it to, I removed the cover and sewed up the side and shoulder seams. I finished the bottom of the cover by folding over the bottom of the edge to create a channel for a drawstring.

The last steps were reattaching the wooden neck cap and basting on twill tape guild lines!wp-image-673578859jpg.jpg




I am thrilled with how it turned out and I can’t wait to start on my next project!!


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