Progress Update and 2016 Sewing!

Hello Readers I hope you are all well.

Sorry for my absence these past  months, it is strange how quickly time flies when you have a babe under a year. In the past 7 months she has cut 8 teeth, is crawling like crazy, and is currently trying to walk. Needless to say, it has been a whirlwind!

Even though I haven’t been posting projects I have been keeping very busy.  This a picture heavy post and update of everything I have been up to!!!

The first project I was working on was a modern dress. If you are following me on Instagram you may have seen some of the in-progress shots. I got the inspiration for it when I came across this dress on Pinterest.  I used McCalls’s 6503 (it was the closest to the inspiration in my pattern stash)  view D as the starting point and completely went to town. I removed the waistband, lengthened the bodice, added small ruffles to the neckline, added a collar, changed the pleated skirt to an A-line and added a belt and pockets! I think the only thing that I kept the same was the upper portion of the bodice and the sleeves. The pattern was a complete overhaul, but I love how it turned out.

The second project(s) was my family’s halloween costumes.  I made an adorable granny costume for my daughter which took less then an hour (yay), a “Scottish” costume for my husband, and a 1840’s dress for myself.  I knew my costume was going to be a lot of work, but I didn’t realise just how much until it was to late to turn back.  It took 3 weeks of nap time and evening sewing to get it to a point where I could wear it(roughly 80% finished).  I still have a lot of things I need to do to finish it, so I didn’t get photos of me in the dress on Halloween.  Thankfully the other 2 costumes came together very quickly, and I took a very cute photo of my husband and daughter together.

The third project was commissions!!! The past 2 years I have made custom christmas stocking, and although they are relatively simple compared to my usual projects it always takes me a while to actually start them (repetitive cutting is my downfall). I only made 6 this year, but I do love how they turned out.

The forth project was finishing my Robe a La francaise embroidered pockets!!! If you are following my youtube channel, you already know that I posted the pocket construction video at the beginning of December. But for those of you who just read my blog here is the link if you are interested.  I started them back in May and the entire embroidery process took a lot longer then I was originally anticipating, but they are finished and I love how they turned out.

The fifth project was Christmas dresses for myself and my daughter! They were supposed to be a simple project, but the fabric and pattern I decided use made it take a lot longer then I originally hoped it would(pattern matching). I found a checked rayon in the $2/m discount bin at my local Fabricland, and although it was a bit sheer in the white check I figured I could line it. The pattern I used for her dress was New Look 6575.  It came together fairly easily with a few changes to the pattern.  I used look A with D’s single collar that I altered to a peter pan collar.  For my dress I used McCall’s 7433 for the bodice, but I changed the skirt to a ¾ circle skirt and shortened the full sleeve to a ¾ sleeve.  I LOVE the detail neckline of my dress and I think I am going to have to try it out again with the original pleated skirt in the near future!

I had a few other side, side projects that I didn’t take photos of as they were in my mending pile. 

 I still have a few uncompleted projects that I need to finish up from 2016 before I can start my 2017 list but keep an on the blog in the next couple months for some news on my 2017 projects!!!


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