Project update with a short story

Hello readers!

I promised you all that I would post more as I work on my projects, so without farther ado, enjoy!

I have a few projects on the go right now, but my major ongoing one is my Robe a la Francaise Sewing Adventure(which I started over a year ago)

When I started my sewing adventure series on youtube my plan was to finish a step/item every 2 weeks. It was shortly after I started uploading that my husband found a new job in another town, so we packed up and away we went! I figured that once we were settled in our new home I would resume my vlog, but little did I know a few short weeks after moving we found out I was pregnant(surprise)!  Close to a week after that morning sickness hit and I didn’t stray far from the couch or toilet for the next 3 ½ months which completely halted any sewing I was planning.  Once Fall hit and I was feeling slightly more normal I decided it had been too long, so I got back to work on the series at a slightly slower pace.

I am currently working on the embroidery for the pockets!  After researching the construction I found that most of the pockets were embellished and then sewn together, this is not the case for all of them but I like how clean the interior of the pockets are this way.

My pattern came from the book “Costume Close-Up: Clothing Construction and Pattern, 1750-1790”, but I also incorporated the mirrored look from the American Duchess’ pockets instead of going with the original design.

It has taken a looong time to get to a point where I am satisfied with how the embroidery looks, but as I work through the project my stitches have become much tidier.  I originally hoped to complete the pockets in June and have the new vlog posted by the 1st weekend of July but life had other plans for me 😛  As of today I have almost finished all the flowers on the first pocket and all that’s really left to embroider is all the vines/stems and leaves


If you are interested in other pocket embroidery designs I recommend taking a look at this site as there are some beautiful ones there!

Until next time have a lovely day!

ps if you are wanting to see more of my work follow me on instagram! @enchanted.rose.costumes




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